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An alternate universe where Serena and darien find themselves in compromising Genre: Drama/ Romance Serenity and Endymion, have made a decision that will
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26 posts - 23 authors - Last post: 25 Jun 2006 Serena & Darien romantic comedy postStars & preCrystal Tokyo in which their
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15 posts - 14 authors - Last post: 27 May 2004 Serena is pregnant. Is this because of her one night stand with Darien
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Summary: Fate takes a twist and Serena and Darien find themselves contest
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One of the pleasures of reading and sifting through fanfics , is the element of surprise. .... Keywords: Alternate reality, romance , Darien , Serena
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and romantic but are not for pornographic purposes. The Usagi and Mamoru FanFiction Reading Tip: " Serena to Darien wa Love Song" By Mark Berger
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Comments: This was my very first fanfiction , one which surprisingly got quite a bit of Category: Sailor Moon R; Serena / Darien romance . Rating: PG
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Archive of romantic fanfiction stories based off of various A short spinning on Darien and Serena risking heart ache to tell the truth.
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Resources for: Darien Dumped Serena . Romance Between Darien and Serena Chapter 1 of a Sailor Moon - Romance /Drama fanfiction . AU Fic!
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13 Jul 2005 of Serena and Darien Thisis a ring of Sailor Moon Pages Linking to some how to Net A Sailor Moon - Romance fanfiction with characters
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Serena and Darien , not quite a couple but perhaps more than friends, ..... Sailor Moon fanfics mainly fall under the categories of romance , humor,
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These are Sailor Moon fanfics written by my close friends, {grins} A dramatic love story that is, for once, not about Serena and Darien !
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Summary: In this fic Serena and Darien know that they are Princess .... Destiny's Gateway Romance Fanfiction Archives :: Powered by:
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11 posts - 11 authors Romance Fanfiction Archives :: Serena And Darien , A Love Story In this Fanfic de de serena y darien romance >> Fanfic de de serena y darien romance.
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